Specialized in translating all things IT on various topics from English into Dutch

What Transsetter can do for you

How are you today?

My name is Ellis Jongsma, nice to meet you. My business, Transsetter, translates texts from English into Dutch, specializing in apps, games, trading platforms and software and all kinds of manuals. I also translate privacy policies, questionnaires, marketing texts.

How it works and my rates

After agreeing on rates and perhaps doing a translation test for you, we agree on Terms & Conditions and usually your NDA. Then you can email me work proposals which I accept or deny in a timely manner or we can work out the specifics (maybe the deadline needs to be extended a little, or I can do the proofreading instead of the translation, etc.). Then I schedule it in my day or week and have it finished and sent back to you before the agreed deadline. In the last 3 days of the month I send an invoice stating all the jobs I worked on for you.
My standard rates are: EUR 0.12 per word for translation, EUR 0.045 per word or EUR 35.00 per hour for proofreading/editing, and EUR 45.00 per hour for linguistic quality assurance. The minimum rate is EUR 25.00. For translation agencies only: a translation test of max. 250 words is free of charge.

Please find an example of my work