Specialized in translating all things IT on various topics from English into Dutch

Relevant Experience


Almost 500,000 words for various apps, such as city building games, gay dating apps, an app to track the menstrual cycle, trading in crypto currencies, shipment apps, an app to help you improve your swing with golfing (and other golf support), a travel journalling app, a few photo editing apps, a language learning app, and many more.


I worked with a team of translators besides being responsible for the final QA for Dutch for Nintendo’s game “Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy.”


Over 200 manuals for projectors, printers, multifunctional printers
(MFPs), smartphone factsheets & quizes for phone shop employees (mainly proofreading). I also translated several program manuals, for instance on virtualization or how to use a car rental system for employees.


Facebook banners, Google Ads, various kinds of texts for landing pages, SMS texts, SEO, campaign texts, charity letters, campaigns around small-scale fundraising projects, app descriptions for Google Play Store & Apple Store.


Though I don’t subtitle much anymore, the lessons I learned as a subtitler come in handy when translating apps and things like Google ads, because I know how to get creative with character restrictions.


Various websites on trading on online platforms (mostly MetaTrader 4/5) plus trading education and newsletters.